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    • 13 Aug 2021
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    • 12 Nov 2021
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    Nebraska Psychological Association 2021 Fall Conference

    “Sequence X: Perplexing Problems in Psychological Practice: Decision Science, Ethics & Risk Management"

    Expert Presenter: Daniel Taube, J.D., Ph.D.

    Friday, Nov. 12, 2021

    Hybrid Event – In-Person and Zoom Options Available!

    9:00 – 4:00  CDT

    Course Description:

    For over two decades, The Trust has worked to educate and support psychologists in improving their risk management skills and strategies by providing live workshops, webinars, risk management consultation and expanding resources. The 10th workshop in our Sequence series will continue to emphasize more applied, integrated and strategic methods to help you protect yourself from adverse disciplinary and legal actions, and stay grounded in ethical principles and practices. The Trust Risk Management Consultants have culled subject matter from some 80,000 consultations provided to date to focus this workshop on problems practitioners often encounter. Topics will include:

    • how decision science can inform clinical and ethical decision-making;
    • interjurisdictional practice challenges and navigating the PSYPACT era;
    • complexities in structuring and conducting supervision;
    • managing technology and privacy concerns in practice; and
    • handling subpoenas and depositions.
    The workshop is designed for an intermediate level.

    Daniel Taube, J.D., PhD, earned his J.D. from Villanova University in 1985 and his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Hahnemann University in 1987, as a member of the Hahnemann/ Villanova Joint Psychology and Law Graduate Program. He is a Professor Emeritus at the California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco at Alliant International University, past Psy.D. Program Director, founder and coordinator of the Forensic Family Child.

    His areas of professional focus include ethical and legal issues in professional practice, child protection, and addictions. In addition to his teaching and research interests, he has been in private practice since 1990, has served on the APA Ethics Appeals Panel for over 20 years, and taught graduate and professional level courses on ethical and legal issues in professional practice for 25 years. Dr. Taube regularly consults with a wide range of practitioners and community agencies regarding standards of practice and ethical concerns

    Mark your Calendars Now and watch for registration to open.

    Learning Objectives:

      At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

      1. Describe basic principles of risk management, as applied to several specific clinical situations that frequently arise in professional practice.
      2. Identify core heuristics and biasing processes that can interfere with appropriate risk management and ethical decision-making.
      3. List three strategies to ameliorate decision-making challenges.
      4. Describe preliminary considerations prior to engaging in interjurisdictional practice.
      5. Evaluate potential issues and preventive responses to supervisory risks.
      6. Identify three methods for reducing privacy risks when using technology in clinical practice and responding appropriately to breaches if they occur.
      7. Name three strategies for handling subpoenas and deposition demands.

      The Nebraska Psychological Association is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The Nebraska Psychological Association maintains responsibility for this program and its contents. Participants attending this live webinar can receive 6 (six) CEs for psychologists. This program also meets the criteria of an approved continuing education program for mental health practice.

      NPA Endorses The Trust and its insurance programs. The Trust is a leading provider of professional liability malpractice, financial security, and innovative risk management programs — meeting the insurance needs of psychologists and related individuals nationwide for more than 55 years.

      • 10 Dec 2021
      • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (CST)
      • Via Zoom
      NPA Board Meeting, via zoom

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