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NPA February, 2024 Member Spotlight

Jody Trejo, LMHP – Affiliate Member

Jody Trejo, LMHP

Jody owns a clinical outpatient practice in Kearney called Midwest Encouragement and Counseling Center (MECC), where they are committed to a holistic approach to the treatment of disorders that impact children to adults. MECC has specialists working with children from infancy to adulthood. Within MECC their work integrates both traditional and innovative approaches restoring wellness in the lives of individuals they meet. Jody’s role is providing clinical supervision, consultation and leadership for their team of professionals. She also provides trainings around the state for teachers, organizations, administrators and clinicians. 

Jody graduated from UNK in 1999 with an MS in Community Counseling, and immediately accepted a position at Child Guidance Center in Lincoln.   Within one year, she took a leap to the east coast, accepting a position as a Clinical Director of a Day Treatment Facility.  While in this position for almost eight years, she remained with the organization accepting a position of Director of Services in Fredrickburg, VA, which housed four different mental health and support services in the Fredericksburg area.  

Her family ultimately moved back to Nebraska after having children and eventually started her own practice. Through years of studying the impacts of stress on the neurological functioning of individuals, they have had the opportunity to establish partnerships and strong collaborations with UNMC and UNK to support research in the field of neuromodulation. MECC in conjunction with partnerships, is working to research the impacts 40hz bi modal neuromodulation with individuals who have both neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental concerns.  At MECC they will be collecting data related to the impacts of gamma wave frequency on early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as individuals who have experienced early stress and trauma, thus impacting their Central Nervous System (CNS). More recently, Jody has become very interested in the impacts of inflammation in the gut and how this affects the CNS and metabolic functioning of youth both in their body and their nervous system.  MECC has become very systematic in offering a holistic approach to treatment of mental health symptoms and pathology.

What do you love most about your position:

The arena of mental health has evolved in the last decade in a way that has really supported clinicians in better understanding neural functioning and how the brain is impacted by stress of all forms. With this expansion in our understanding of mental health disorders, we are able to lean into more innovative practice that also is evidence based and has promising outcomes that extend beyond change cognition models. This has allowed me to lead our team in a direction that combines neuro modulation, psychotherapy and attachment based models to offer positive outcomes. It has also allowed us to step into research as a part of our practice. Currently, we are partnering with a mechanical engineer and have submitted patents related to the 40hz neuro modulation to support gamma state frequencies as a form of improving both neuro developmental and neuro degenerative disorders.

What advise would you offer to a new psychologist or behavioral health specialist:

Continue your personal research journey. We are in an era where the advancements in psychology/mental health are exploding, where biology and ego development are colliding, offering new formats of conceptualization in treatment that is so exciting. I think to be strong in the field today, professionals have to commit to reading and education outside of the basic expectations and when this occurs, the field becomes so fascinating and encouraging.

Who is someone who has made a bit impact on your life? 

Dr. Mark Hald has been a steady for me over my years of development. Dr. Hald of Options in Psychology has not only supported by understanding of children, but has expanded my knowledge of attachment in early development of brain architecture. This has been fundamental in my career direction, my fascination with parent-child relationships and how this impacts individuals well into adulthood in both implicit and explicit functioning. Dr. Hald has also been a mentor and friend that I cherish deeply.

What is your current favorite eating place?

Cunninghams on the Lake in Kearney. For those who make it to Kearney, this restaurant offers beautiful indoor/outdoor seating on a lake that makes it the perfect spring or summer eatery. Cunninghams has great food, drinks and atmosphere that never gets old.

Jody has been a member of NPA for approximately 18 months. She joined primarily due to the level of trainings offered through the organization. She said “Becoming a member has offered trainings and collaborative opportunities that have not only benefited myself, but also my practice and the team that I support through supervision and consultation.”

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