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NPA January, 2024 Member Spotlight

Pamela May-Weeks, PhD, ABPP

Pamela May-Weeks, PhD, ABPP

  • PhD: Wayne State University (Detroit, MI)
  • Internship: Detroit VA Medical Center
  • Post-doctoral residency: Nebraska Medicine / University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Title: Assistant Professor and Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr. May-Weeks joined the Department of Neurological Sciences at University of Nebraska Medical Center as an Assistant Professor in 2017. Dr. May-Weeks is board certified in clinical neuropsychology through the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). Clinically, Dr. May-Weeks sees adult to older adult patients presenting with neurological, psychiatric, and/or complex medical histories, including those who are being considered for surgery or transplant. She supervises postdoctoral fellows and practicum students, serves as Practicum Training Director, and is involved in didactics within and beyond the Neurological Sciences department. Dr. May-Weeks is involved in research on people living with HIV and Alzheimer’s disease, and effects of COVID-19.

Tell us about your path to becoming a clinical psychologist in an academic medical setting. From the beginning of my graduate training, I envisioned myself being involved in both clinical work and clinically-driven research. Along the way, I found myself enjoying teaching Psychology to undergraduate and graduate students. I realized over time that my multifaceted interests align well with an academic medical setting, where these interests are supported. I completed my postdoctoral fellowship in an academic medical setting, and I continued working in this setting since. My role is primarily clinical, yet I am involved in supervision, teaching, and research.

Tell us about your latest research. My research involvement is largely driven by excellent interdisciplinary collaborations with researchers in neurology and neuroscience at UNMC and Boys Town. Through these teams, I have been granted opportunities to investigate means of assessing cognitive status in people with HIV, be involved in collecting data for clinical Alzheimer’s disease trials, and be part of studies merging MEG, MRI, and neuropsychological data in patients with HIV or AD. Recently, I’ve been interested in neuropsychological outcomes associated with COVID-19, leading to a review paper and a book chapter in press. Please see my published, first author publication on neuropsychological outcomes associated with COVID-19.

May PE. (2022). Neuropsychological Outcomes in Adult Patients and Survivors of COVID-19. Pathogens,11(4):465.

My review paper outlines areas of cognitive weakness associated with COVID-19 yet also discusses methodological concerns in the research literature that may impact interpretation of findings.

What has been your most impactful memories in working with students and clinical trainees? While it is always bittersweet, I enjoy reflecting with my clinical trainees/fellows at the end of our work together in terms of the growth they have experienced, knowledge-wise and professionally. I enjoy learning from my students, trainees, and fellows as well as supporting them in their future career endeavors.

What advice would you give to an individual new to their role in supporting students / clinical trainees? Take time to meet with your students and clinical trainees 1:1 in person, on a regular basis, to learn how to best support them and to build a culture of trust, good communication, and feedback.

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