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NPA June, 2024 Member Spotlight

Megan Lawhon – Early Career Psychologist Member

Megan Lawhon,  PsyD

I have been a member of NPA since 2021, when I moved to the Nebraska panhandle for my doctoral internship with the High Plains Psychology Internship Consortium. I joined on encouragement of my internship site (Options in Psychology) and have maintained my membership through post-doc and now early career licensure. I appreciate the connection NPA fosters among clinicians, especially as someone working in a very rural setting without many close resources. NPA has also hosted many high-quality continuing education programs. I am a member of a few NPA committees (Professional Affairs, Early Career Psychologists) and I have participated in the legislative breakfast every year I’ve been a member. I testified in 2022 regarding ARPA funding for mental health. These were formative experiences in generating a passion for advocacy and I’m so grateful for both NPA and my internship site for supporting these activities! I currently work in a hybrid model of in-person and telehealth therapy and assessment services for Options in Psychology in Scottsbluff.

I was born and raised in rural Appalachia and I’m a first-generation college student. I received my doctorate in clinical psychology from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, which provided me with training specifically applicable to rural mental health settings. I’ve landed in a group practice setting because I love the mix of autonomy and support that is provided in this type of setting.

What do you love most about your current position?
I love my current position because it allows me to live the kind of lifestyle I want: that is, I am fairly mobile, and I don’t know that I would describe any one location or domicile as “home”. I’m very grateful for the expansion of PSYPACT. I never thought my career as a psychologist would take me as many (geographical) places as it has! During the first two weeks of May alone, I was in 12 different states (combo business/leisure trip)
What’s the most helpful advice you’ve ever received?

During a group supervision session during my internship year, the cohort was generally discussing what we would do for fun, once dissertation was done…once internship was over…once we passed the EPPP…etc. The supervisor gave some advice her former supervisor once said, something along the lines of, “if you aren’t doing it now, you won’t do it then.” The idea being, we often think, once we get through this major life event, then we can do the hobbies and activities we want…but really, life hurdles never stop coming. There’s grad school, then post-doc, licensure, job duties, family expanding, and so on…and unless you learn to incorporate your passions amidst all these obligations, NOW, you probably never will. My take away: don’t put things off, do them now! If it’s a trade off because time limitations, which one of these things are you going to regret not doing?

What is a fun fact people probably don’t know about you?
I’m currently on a mission to buy an old farm truck I can modify with the biggest road legal lift kit I can get my hands on and take her out muddin’!

What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to, or what’s on your travel bucket list?
I’ve traveled a lot within the U.S but I still have so much to see! My favorites are Grand Teton National Park and Glacier National Park. The New River Gorge NP in West Virginia is my old stomping grounds and has a forever place in my heart. My bucket list travel locations are Mt Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc, Mt Everest Base Camp, and the Larapinta Trail in Australia (to be done sooner rather than later!)

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