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Welcome to NPA!
We would like to welcome the following new members to NPA… Jessiline Anderson, Ph.D. – University of NE at Omaha; Nancy Bradford, LMHP, Destiny Counseling Services, LLC in Sidney; and Ty Callahan, Ph.D., Neuropsychological Consulting in Omaha. We are excited to be working with them to keep our Association strong, and appreciate their support.

APA Division 12 (Clinical Psychology) CE Webinar
Wednesday, July 8 (12 PM EST) Antonette Zeiss: Geriatric Primary Care: Psychologists' Roles on the Interprofessional Team
HERE to learn more and register.

APA's Response to the April 30, 2015 New York Times article on the CIA's torture program.

Members have contacted the APA Central Office expressing concerns about this morning’s New York Times article which recirculated allegations about APA support for the CIA’s torture program.  We understand those concerns.  APA senior governance and staff take the allegations of support for torture and the public misunderstanding they have created very seriously. (Read full response)

VA Expands Choice Program Eligibility Effectively Immediately

(April 24, 2015)  In order to expand eligibility for the Veterans Choice Program, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) today announced that it will determine eligibility for the Veterans Choice Program based on the distance between a Veteran's place of residence and the nearest VA medical facility using driving distance rather than straight-line distance. This change has been published in the Federal Register and is effective immediately.

“VA is pleased to announce the distance calculation change from straight-line to driving distance for the Veterans Choice Program,” said Secretary Robert McDonald. More…

Call for Comments on Proposed Revision of APA Record Keeping Guidelines

(April 24, 2015)

Board of Professional Affairs seeks comments on Proposed Revision of the APA Record Keeping Guidelines
The Board of Professional Affairs (BPA) and Committee on Professional Practice and Standards (COPPS) seek member and public comments on the Proposed Revision of the APA Record Keeping Guidelines (APA, 2007).  These guidelines were approved by APA Council of Representatives and adopted as APA policy in February 2007.  These guidelines were written and designed to educate psychologists and provide a framework for making decisions regarding professional record keeping.
NPA has received some recent Press!
Check out NPA's leadership comments in the Star Herald at:


The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry has made a copy of the article "The Economic Burden of Adults With Major Depressive Disorder in the United States (2005 and 2010)" free for printing from their website. In this much anticipated update to previous research, the authors (*see below) estimate the cost of MDD for the most recent decade. They examine the impact of the recession and provide a comprehensive picture of the added economic burden of depression resulting from physical and psychiatric comorbidities. *Paul E. Greenberg, MS, MA; Andree-Anne Fournier, MA; Tammy Sisitsky, MA; Crystal T. Pike, MBA; and Ronald C. Kessler, PhD

NPA Members…
NPA recently became aware of this announcement from Magellan regarding no longer reimbursing for both individual and family sessions on the same day. Dr. Ted DeLaet has forwarded this letter on to us for distribution to our members. Check the NPA Professional Affairs Director blog for more information. 

NPA Supports LPS Transgender Efforts
The ​Nebraska Psychological Association supports and applauds Lincoln Public Schools’ recent efforts to make schools safer and more supportive for transgender and gender diverse students by increasing teacher awareness of the challenges these children and youths face. Many transgender and gender diverse students experience high levels of harassment and even physical assault, including at school.

gratulations William
 Spaulding, Ph.D.  
NPA is honored and delighted to congratulate Past-President an
d Legislative Chair Dr. Will Spaulding who was awarded the Kraepelin-Alzheimer Medal in Germany on September 27, 2014 where he was an invited speaker at a symposium on schizophrenia. The award cites Spaulding’s “excellent research on treatment and rehabilitation of schizophrenia”.

Dr. Spaulding is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Nebraska where he teaches graduate courses on psychopathology, psychopharmacology and the history and philosophy of psychology, and supervises clinical practica. He maintains an active clinical and consulting practice, including staff positions in community-based and hospital-based psychiatric rehabilitation programs
. More…


Another NPA Leader Accomplishment
NPA  has another NPA leader accomplishment to announce:  President-elect Dave Carver recently co-chaired the APA Advisory Committee on Colleague Assistance (ACCA) Annual Meeting in Washington, DC Sept. 26-27. Dave is completing his third year on ACCA. This committee focuses on promoting colleague assistance programs in conjunction with state and provincial psychological associations. Topics discussed at the annual meeting included: 1) developing monitoring and recovery programs for impaired psychologists, 2) creating "competent constellation communities" that emphasize peer consultation and expanded professional development opportunities, and 3) organizational systems and societal components of professional wellness. Dr. Carver will also lead a workshop on small state multi-disciplinary licensee assistance programs at the March 2015 APA State Leadership Conference with ACCA colleague Julio Rojas, PhD from Oklahoma. Cheers to Dr. Carver for his work on these important issues!


How Does Depression Differ from Occasional Sadness?
Everyone experiences sadness from time to time, but depression is more than occasional sadness. October 9 is National Depression Screening Day (NDSD), an annual event to raise awareness of the disease and offer screenings for related mood and anxiety disorders. 

Dr. Diane Marti, the PEC coordinator for the Nebraska Psychological Association, stated that awareness of the symptoms of depression and knowing where to go for help are two key components to addressing this mental health condition. Resources in Nebraska… More

What NPA is doing for you!!
Members… Read how your dues are working for you as NPA Director of Professional Affairs, Ted DeLaet, Ph.D., is working as NPA's representative to the Nebraska Behavioral Health Coalition (NBHC) with respect to implementation of a HHS proposal to  eliminate the Medicaid Pre-Treatment Assessment (PTA). 

If you are not an NPA member, join now to stay involved in and up on current issues effecting Nebraska Psychologists!

NPA Member Profile's on our new website!
Updating your Member Profile is now online as well. Simply log in with your email and password, and provide your most current information.

While a few pages are still under construction, we invite you to check out our new site, and let us know what you think!


NPA endorses the Trust and its Insurance Programs.

APA Practice Organization Legislative Action Center

Congratulations…NPA Member of the Month!

NPA's June Member of the Month is Joseph Swoboda, Ph.D.

Joseph S. Swoboda, Ph.D.

Joseph S. Swoboda received his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1987, became fully licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in 1989 and currently holds a status of Licensed Psychologist in the State of Nebraska. From 1985 – 2014, he served as a staff psychologist at the Community Mental Health Center of Lancaster County (CMHCLC) until that agency was defunded by Lancaster County, which served adults with severe mental illness, often co-morbid with substance abuse.      More…

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